The Christmas Box Miracle (Hardcover, Deckle Edge  2001)

The Christmas Box Miracle (Hardcover, Deckle Edge 2001)

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The Christmas Box Miracle is the story behind the book that has become a Christmas classic; how a man writes and publishes a book which helps grieving people to heal and lost souls to find their way home. It is Evans’s story; his own spiritual journey and stories of people he encountered along the way — miraculous stories of healing and divinity that often defy explanation.

In sharing the story behind The Christmas Box, Richard Paul Evans has given us a story of miracles, hope and healing for all seasons.

“This book is about forces that move about us like wind – unseen, yet powerful enough at times to knock us over. And it’s about a little Christmas tale I wrote that was the result of such forces. Some call these forces divinity, others call them coincidence. Some just call them magic.”

In the process of sharing his personal odyssey with readers, Evans also reveals the genesis of many of the characters and themes that run throughout his novels. Woven into this engaging memoir are letters from and extraordinary stories of people whose lives have been affected and transformed by The Christmas Box. Evans writes, “As a novelist, I find it ironic that this story, the most unlikely of my books, is the only one that is true…More incredible are the stories I encountered along the journey – miraculous stories of healing and curious coincidence that often defy explanation. These are experiences that have changed the way I view the world.”

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