The Light After Death

The Light After Death: My Journey To Heaven and Back: Vincent Tolman's Near Death Experience and Journey to Heaven and Back

“This book was literally life changing for me. It not only explained why the world is the way it is right now; it gave me hope in what's to come." - Richard Paul Evans #1 New York Times bestselling author

Have you ever asked yourself, "What happens after we die?" Vincent was taken by Death. He was dead for a full 30 minutes. Did he see a bright light? What does heaven look like? What Does one feel when their heart stops beating? Are you embraced by the light?

True account of life after death and touching heaven that is guaranteed to change your perspective on the meaning and purpose of life.

In The Light After Death, the writer's account of his ordeal, told from the perspective of somebody who was dead but came back to life. From someone who experienced afterlife firsthand, learned about what lies beyond the threshold for those who are willing to open their mind.

Vincent Tolman was found dead in the bathroom of a small restaurant. He had been dead for over half an hour at the age of 25. When paramedics arrived, they put him in a body bag and took him away. A rookie paramedic had a feeling to risk his career, break all protocols, and try to resuscitate him. Miraculously, he restarted Vincent's heart, but Vincent was in a coma for three days. He remembers what happened on the "other side" while he was dead.

A True Story Like None Other

Vincent remembers what he saw when he was dead for 30 minutes and talks about the 10 principles he learned from his afterlife. This book is not just a story of hope, but it also provides advice on how we can live our lives based on what this person learned during his experience.

The Light After Death Vincent Todd Tolman, an experience that will change your life.

"I died for 30 minutes, and I came back with a story."